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01.05.2022Chelsea Wilcots

The devices that we use everyday are designed to be lightweight, portable and visually appealing, leaving little room for packing in serious protection against outside factors. Unfortunately, that leaves your relatively delicate and - expensive - piece of equipment at risk of being damaged with every move you make.

That’s where choosing the right case for your device comes in to play. Here at Tech Device Coverage, we take device protection seriously. So much so, that we did some research on the best laptop and tablet cases in the market and we took a vote.

The Categories

Best Protection

Durability is an important factor when it comes to protecting your device. For those of us who are on the go and carry our devices with us regularly, they need to be able to withstand being tumbled about or even dropped occasionally. In this situation, we would recommend a case with some resilience. We found the following cases to be the best options in this category.

Best Design

Let’s face it, vanity is an important factor when it comes to choosing a case for your device. You likely want something that you don’t mind looking at, or carrying around with you every day. Maybe you want something that matches your wardrobe, or something that looks expensive. This category is more about personal preference than anything else, but we were able to narrow it down to the following two cases in this category.

Best For Mac

Apple products are appealing in many ways, their slim design not being least of them. However, while their design makes them visually desirable, it leaves their physical protection in a state much less so. We had no problem agreeing as a team that Apple products should have their own category, and we found the following two cases to be the best options.

Best For Kids

If our team has a lot of anything, it’s children. I think we all agree that releasing devices into the hands of our kids is anxiety inducing, whether that’s letting them use ours or giving them their own. The peace of mind that comes with reducing the risk of damage ahead of time is considerable. Our team agrees across the board that the following two cases are the best options for kids.

Best Water Resistant

Whether it’s on vacation, or in your bathroom at home, your device meeting water is inevitable. Almost every person on our team has had a negative experience with their electronics and water, so this category was a no brainer. We found that following two cases were the best options for water resistance.


Last but not least are the cases that received the most votes from our team out of all the previously listed categories. The Thule Gauntlet Laptop Sleeve wins because of its durability and device adaptiveness (it may be marketed just for MacBooks, but it can fit any laptop up to 13 inches), and the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series wins because it has options available for many different devices.

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