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Do I need to own my device in order to insure it?
Yes. You must own the device you are insuring. You will have to prove ownership of the device in the event of a claim.

Does my device need to be brand new to purchase insurance?
No. A device can be insured as long as it does not have any existing damage.

How is the cost of insurance calculated?
Insurance costs are based on the replacement cost of the device and vary depending the amount of coverage needed.

Is there a deductible?
Yes, we have different deductible amounts depending on the device and user type being insured.

How do I file a claim for my device?
To file a claim, log in to your account online and locate the order for the device in question. From there you can file your claim.

How often will I be charged for insurance?
Insurance is a one time payment for the entire coverage term.

How long is my coverage term?
TDC offers annual coverage policies.

Will my coverage be renewed automatically?
No, you will receive a reminder that your policy is expiring so that you can make the best choice regarding further coverage.

What is the difference between warranty and insurance?
A warranty is usually provided by the manufacturer of a device to protect against manufacturers defect. They generally do not cover things such as accidental damage or theft, whereas an insurance policy with TDC will.

What can we insure for you?

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