How Often Should You Upgrade Your iPhone

02.04.2022Chelsea Wilcots

Every year, Apple releases new models with improved features that dazzle and amaze us. If you want those features as soon as they're released, you would have to upgrade your phone every year, which isn’t practical for most people. So - how often should you upgrade your iPhone?


Some people would argue that upgrading your phone is a matter of personal preference and nothing more, and for a lot of people this is true. I know housewives who upgrade every year just so they have the newest model, and I have a friend who still has his iPhone 6 because he literally could care less. Though, he may have to upgrade soon because his phone will be joining Apple's vintage model list next year.


The way you use your phone should probably determine how often you need to upgrade it. Are you a casual user, like my friend, who hardly handles his phone and doesnt care about features, or do you constantly have your phone in your hand fiddling with everything it can do? If you're more casual, an upgrade every 3-5 years will ensure that your phones operating system is still receiving updates from Apple, and if a new upgrade isn't in the budget it will allow you time to save up for your next phone. Some carriers even have programs in place that allow you to pay only a portion of the phones worth up front.

If you're a regular user who never puts their phone down, an upgrade every 1-3 years will give you all of the newest features and best support from Apple.

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