Insurance Versus Warranty

11.05.2021Chelsea Wilcots

Most electronic devices come fresh from the manufacturer with something called a warranty. You might be wondering what exactly a warranty is and whether it’s good enough to protect your device. Or maybe you want to know if you should purchase additional insurance for your device too.

Aren’t they the same thing?

Well actually, no they aren’t. Your insurance policy may cover things that your warranty does not, and vice versa, and it’s important to understand the difference.


A manufacturer’s warranty is free and usually comes with your device. It is essentially a guarantee from the manufacturer that your device has no flaws or defects that occurred in the design or fabrication process. Most importantly, a warranty acts as a promise to repair or replace your device within a specific period of time if it does have a manufacturing related problem. An extended warranty is the exact same thing, only with a longer period of time that the manufacturer will take responsibility.


An insurance policy is supplemental and something you purchase to cover your device up to the desired level of protection. It covers things that a warranty specifically does not, such as accidental damage and theft of your device, and usually doesn't cover things like manufacturer's defect. In fast paced dynamic environments, or even at home in the midst of chaos, an insurance plan offers protection and peace of mind against the everyday risks your device might encounter. Did you drop your device and shatter the screen? Did someone take your device? These are things that are usually covered by an insurance policy.


A warranty and an insurance policy are both ways to protect your possessions. Both options are great, separately or together, and depending on the type of coverage you are looking for - coverage against accidental damage or coverage against manufacturer defect – a warranty or insurance plan, or both, may be the right choice.

If an insurance plan is the right choice for you, consider Tech Device Coverage for all of your insurance needs today!

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