Is Android The Better Way To Go

02.18.2022Chelsea Wilcots

As a long-time Apple consumer, I would be hard-pressed to pledge my allegiance to any other phone brand. However, there are more and more reasons why someone might choose an Android phone over an iPhone these days, and it really has me scratching my head.

Is Android the better way to go?


In terms of equipment, choosing an Android phone means having a wide range of options to choose from. There are many different manufacturers and models in the market with different features and price points. Finding an Android phone with all the features you want that works within your budget probably wouldn’t be hard, but the quality of the phone you choose may vary depending on which manufacturer you choose and which end of the budget you end up on.

Notably, when you choose Apple, you only have a few choices of one option – the iPhone, and since Apple manufactures the iPhone itself, it has more control over the quality and performance of its product.

Operating System

Both Android and Apple iOS are regularly updated and getting new features, which make both operating systems extremely polished and easy to use. Historically, iOS has been boasted as the better more user-friendly platform, but in recent years Android has caught up making that no longer true. iOS may be slightly simpler to use and more elegant to look at, but Android offers more features to software enthusiasts.


When it comes to customizations, Android wins the battle. With an Android phone, almost anything can be changed or customized from the ground up, while an iPhone can’t be customized unless it is jailbroken.

Some of the ways you can customize your Android:

  • Choose your default browser. Android allows you to install third party internet browsers and set them as the default browser that your phone recognizes, while iOS only allows you to use Safari.
  • Choose your messaging method. Android phones let you install different messaging apps that you can then set as your default messaging app. iOS has its Messages app for default messaging.
  • Add a new launcher. Android's home screen is just an app called a launcher app, that you can replace with another third party launcher app. Change the look of your home screen, app drawer, app icons, and other software features this way.
  • Root your device. Some carriers and hardware manufacturers put limitations on their devices, like specialized apps or settings that require administrator-like privileges to alter or replace. Rooting your Android device gives you access to the latest Android features and updates at anytime, before your carrier or manufacturer might provide them.

Virtual Assistance

Most smartphones come with a virtual assistant these days. With an iPhone you get Siri and with an Android you get Google Assistant. Both are similar voice interfaces, but their capabilities are different. Google Assistant works well for anything Google related - search results, updating Google Calendar, using Google Maps, etc. - and will even notify you when you should leave for work if there is traffic. Siri is still pretty basic, but tries its best to answer questions for you.


I think it's clear that for the most part, Androids and iPhones are neck and neck when it comes to what is offered from each. I might get a higher quality, easier-to-use phone from Apple, but the features and customizations available with an Android phone have me rethinking where my loyalties lie.

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